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Artistic Oriental Rugs

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Rug weaving regions of Iran

Posted on November 9, 2014 at 12:02 AM
Map of Persian|Iran is illustrated to have readers familiarize themselves with different areas of Persian Rug weaving
Hi Folks! I hope you have been reading some of what I have posted on my blog. As you have noticed I mentioned Persian Rugs frequently. I briefly touched on the subject of what distinguishes Persian Rugs from other Oriental Rugs, whether It's an Antique Rug, Vintage Rug or a New Rug. If you noticed in my previous sentence I mentioned New Rug not a Modern Rug. Modern rugs are just that modern floor covering, They are in fashion today and worthless as soon as you leave the show room with it! Modern rugs are not made to last Years and perhaps like most Persian Rugs decades and perhaps in many cases centuries assuming that the rug is well cared for.  Persian Rugs and other original Oriental Rugs have esthetic qualities that modern rugs/carpets lacks.  The reason for this is that the folks that weave these rugs are just workers and weaving is just a job for them(I have the most respect for all of them and I understand there hard work). 

Well, just imagine if some one gets a page from a coloring book with few crayons and  this person is asked to color the page. "Please bear with me this is very relevant and it all will make sense soon!" On the other hand an individual take a piece of paper and selects colors from his or her surrounding. He or she will then use her/his imagination, intuition, life experience and talent  and with carful use of colors starts to create a pattern. Are you following me? Modern rugs are that Page out of a color book and my second example is Persian Rugs. 
There are many other technical reasons that separates  Persian Rugs from others. I'll try to touch on some of these technical reasons in my future writings. 

Persian rugs have been woven all over Persia and  we know it today as Iran. I included a picture with this writing that demonstrates and identifies many of the rug producing regions byname.  I hope my writings are shedding some light on your Oriental Rug curiosity. Please visit back with us, I have a lot more to write.

 Don't forget Oriental Rug Cleaning is essential to your health as well as increasing the longevity of your Rugs.      

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